What is an example of a expository essay?

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What is an example of a expository essay?

What is an example of a expository essay?

You are likely familiar with expository writing already, even if the name sounds unfamiliar. Common examples include newspaper articles, how-to manuals, and assembly instructions. Expository writing is also the most frequent type of academic writing!

What is an example of a expository sentence?

Examples of Expository Writing: This morning at 9am, a school bus collided with a car at the intersection of Jones and Heard streets. There were no injuries on the school bus, but medical personnel performed checks on each student and the driver before those students were transported to their schools.

How does autumn occur?

We have hot summers and cold winters because of the tilt of the Earth’s axis. The tilt of the Earth means the Earth will lean towards the Sun (Summer) or lean away from the Sun (Winter) 6 months later. In between these, Spring and Autumn will occur. The Earth’s movement around the sun causes the seasons.

Why is autumn so special?

Autumn heralds the transition into the cold, dark and desolate winter months, and the natural world puts on a final flurry of amazing activity before slowing down until the warmer sunshine of spring returns. And the UK is no exception, boasting some world-class wildlife spectacles….

How does autumn look like?

Often a True Autumn will look like a ‘typical’ autumn, with reddish toned hair, light brown or green eyes and fair celtic skin that goes golden in summer. Your best colours are rust red, mustard yellow, medium olive green and mid-browns and camels.

What do you love about autumn?

10 Reasons We Love Autumn | EGO

  • The Colours. Put those brights away, we’re taking things back to basics with autumnal tones.
  • Cosy Knits… Tis the season to wear jumpers!
  • Hot Drinks… Whether you’re into pumpkin spice lattes, hot chocolates or teas; autumn is the season for hot drinks.
  • Nights In…
  • Kickin’ leaves…
  • Excuses to stay in bed…
  • Bonfire Night…

What is another name for expository essay?

What is another word for expository?

explanatory explicative
elucidatory explicatory
informative descriptive
explanative illustrative
elucidative interpretive

What fascinate means?

1a : to command the interest of : allure was fascinated by carnivals The kids were fascinated with their new toy. b : to transfix (see transfix sense 1) and hold spellbound by an irresistible power believed that the serpent could fascinate its prey.

What part of speech is expository?


part of speech: adjective
definition: designating nonfiction writing that explains and describes with the aim of conveying information or presenting certain opinions or points of view.
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derivation: expositorily (adv.)

What do you mean by eliminate?

transitive verb. 1a : to put an end to or get rid of : remove eliminate errors. b : to remove from consideration eliminate someone as a suspect. c : to remove from further competition by defeating the team was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

What is an antonym for expository?

expository, expositive(adj) serving to expound or set forth. “clean expository writing” Antonyms: uninstructive.

What part of speech is illumination?


part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: illuminates, illuminating, illuminated
definition 1: When you illuminate something, you make it bright with light. Lights illuminated the stage. synonyms: brighten, illumine, light antonyms: darken similar words: floodlight, irradiate, lighten, spotlight

What is the best thing about autumn?

The 5 Best Things About Autumn

  • It’s comfy sweater season. Forget the “it” trends for this fall. I think we can all agree there’s nothing better than cozying up in a warm knit sweater on a chilly fall day!
  • Pumpkin-flavored… Everything!
  • The colors. The changing colors of the leaves, the orange hue at sunset–the colors of fall are simply beautiful.

Can expository essays be in 1st person?

Typically, you want to write an expository essay in an objective, third-person point of view (“he,” “she” or “it”). However, pay careful attention to the assignment. Sometimes, first-person (“I” or “me”) or second-person (“you”) perspective is acceptable, especially if the task is to describe a personal experience.

What is another word for expository essay?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for expository, like: informative, expositive, descriptive, interpretive, elucidative, exegetic, explicative, hermeneutic, hermeneutical, illustrative and interpretative.

Is an essay 5 paragraphs?

The five-paragraph essay is a format of essay having five paragraphs: one introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs with support and development, and one concluding paragraph. Because of this structure, it is also known as a hamburger essay, one three one, or a three-tier essay.

Why autumn is called Fall?

“Autumn” came from the Latin word “autumnus,” with the root of the word having connotations regarding “the passing of the year.” The term “fall” was likely a deviation from the Old English words “fiaell” and “feallan,” both of which mean “to fall from a height.” It is assumed that this new name for the season was ……

What does autumn mean?

1 : the season between summer and winter comprising in the northern hemisphere usually the months of September, October, and November or as reckoned astronomically extending from the September equinox to the December solstice. — called also fall. 2 : a period of maturity or incipient decline in the autumn of life.