What does a clean face symbolize in thank you ma am?

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What does a clean face symbolize in thank you ma am?

What does a clean face symbolize in thank you ma am?

In “Thank You Ma’m” a clean face represents self-respect.

What kind of woman is Mrs Bates?

In “Thank You, M’am,” Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones is depicted as a bold, compassionate woman, who is forgiving and hospitable. Instead of punishing Roger for attempting to steal her purse, Mrs. Jones exercises sympathy towards him by giving Roger a hot meal and ten dollars to buy a pair of blue suede shoes.

Why did Langston Hughes Title the story thank you ma am?

This phrase of “thank you m’am” is used by Langston Hughes as the title, perhaps, because it expresses the gratitude Roger feels toward this kind and generous woman who has effected a change in him.

How are Mrs Jones actions connected to her past experiences?

C) Her actions are connected to her past experiences because in the story she hints that she was once like Roger. She may have been put in the same situation when she was young and wished that someone did the same thing for her.

Why couldn’t Roger say anything to Mrs Jones at the end of the story?

Why couldn’t Roger say anything to Mrs. Jones at the end of the story? He was just happy he got $10 and didn’t feel the need to say thank you. He was in shock of her and couldn’t believe someone had tried to help him after he tried to steal something.

Why can’t Roger say more?

Roger is overcome with emotion at the end of “Thank you, M’am” by Langston Hughes, which leaves him unable to say more than a simple “thank you.” Roger is a young man who is the product of his Harlem environment. There is no evidence of family support in his young life.

When they arrived at the boarding house what do you think?

Answer. Answer: when they arrive at the boarding house , what do you think roger is thinking or planning to do ? Roger was thinking the women will taken him to jail , and he is planning to run out to scape for all of that.

What did Mrs Jones give Roger to eat?

Expert Answers Mrs. Jones heats up some lima beans and ham that she had in her icebox and also gives Roger a nice cup of cocoa. After the two eat dinner, Mrs. Jones offers Roger a slice of her ten-cent cake.

What did Mrs Jones teach the boy?

Answer: Mrs. Jones’s lesson in kindness begins through teaching Roger “right from wrong.” Rather than simply telling Roger his actions were wrong, though, she invites him to embrace this realization on his own. First, she instructs him to return her purse, which allows Roger to make his mistake right.

Why does Roger want to thank Mrs Jones at the end of the story?

Why does Roger want to thank Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones at the end of the story? Roger appreciates the faith that Mrs. Jones has in him and regrets trying to steal from her.

What is the conflict in thank you ma am?

The main conflict in “Thank You, M’am” is Roger’s internal conflict of whether or not to run away. The initial conflict in the story is a character vs. character conflict between Roger and Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones.

What is the theme of thank you ma’am Commonlit answers?

Answer: The answer is A) Roger has grown to appreciate the faith that Mrs. Jones has in him and regrets trying to steal from her.

Do you think Mrs Jones is wise or foolish to trust Roger?

Is Mrs. Jones wise or foolish to trust Roger? Both: she was foolish because Roger just tried to rob her, and she was wise because she was able to look past his actions (theft) and see that he was a troubled teenager who was only struggling to survive. What does the boy try to steal?

Why does he do this Mrs Jones?

He wants Mrs. Jones to be fully aware that her judgment of him is correct and that he is not going to run off.

What did Mrs Bates warn Roger?

Ans) Mrs. Bates warned Roger not to steal things by dishonest means.

How do Roger’s actions change during the story?

Roger has been a thief. The society has always looked down upon him. However, the tenderness of human love and trust moves him so much that he ends up being changed into a sensitive young man from a petty thief.

What can you tell about Mrs Jones character?

Jones, the main character, demonstrates that she is a tough, yet sincere and honest woman. One of my favorite descriptions of her comes from the very first sentence. Hughes writes, “She was a large woman with a large purse that had everything in it but hammer and nails.”

Which statement best expresses the theme of thank you ma am?

Answer. One theme in Thank you, Ma’am is the power of compassion. After nearly having her purse stolen by Roger, Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones has every right to turn toward him in anger and even demand some form of justice.

Did Mrs Jones like the boy?

Answer: Yes,Mrs Jones like the boy because ,she was buying him stuff like some blue-suede shoes and also she was talking care of him. She also was give him advice she was trying to chance roger life. She wants the roger be a good kid.

Why does he do this thank you ma’am Brainly?

Langston Hughes named the story “Thank You, Ma’am” because the boy who tried to steal the purse from the woman, instead of bringing him to jail, she brought him to her boarding house and treated him well. And the woman even gave him money so that he could buy the shoes he wanted.

What message does the story thank you ma’am have for the reader?

Three themes present in “Thank You, Ma’am” are Forgiveness and Empathy, the Power of Love and Trust, and Christian Charity. While she prepares the meal, Mrs. Jones leaves her purse on the other side of the screen where she cooks. Roger worries that she may not trust him, so he moves where he hopes she can see him.

Is Mrs Jones really rich?

Jones is not rich. This is demonstrated in the simple way she lives. Although Mrs. Jones does give Roger the money for the shoes, it is not because she is rich.

What is the main idea of thank you ma am?

The main theme in this short story is the power of kindness. The story shows how a kind gesture can soften the heart of a thieving teenager. When Roger gets caught by Mrs. Jones, he expects her to take him to the police.

How did Mrs Jones react?

Answer. Answer: Jones reaction was she simply turned around and kicked him right square in his blue-jeans and also she reached down , and shook him until his shirt front, and shook him until teeth rattled.

What effect do you think did Mrs Jones kindness has on Roger’s future?

The effect of Mrs. Jones’ action might be that Roger will think twice before stealing from someone. Mrs. Jones showed him kindness and fogiveness; she even showed him trust when she left her pocketbook out.

How much money did Mrs Jones give to Roger?

She assumes that Roger wants money so that he can buy food and when he reveals that he actually wants to buy a pair of blue suede shoes she is not angry but remembers when she “wanted things I could not get.” Mrs Jones gives Roger the $10 so that he doesn’t steal it from someone else and to perhaps give him an …

How much money did Mrs Jones give Rodger for his new shoes?

The short story by Langston Hughes starts out with Roger who tries to rob Mrs. Jones to buy a pair of blue suede shoes. Instead of taking Roger to the police, the old lady brings him home and gives Roger $10 to buy the shoes.

How did Mrs Jones try to transform Roger?

Jones was a descent and caring person, she decided to help Roger change the course of events he had put himself on by turning to robbery to get the things that he wants. When he attempted to rob her, rather than treat him as the thief he tried to be, she stepped into a parental role…

Why did the boy steal?

Kids steal for any number of reasons: Poor impulse control, as I mentioned above. To be cool and impress her friends. When somebody else has a one-of-a-kind something she wants or needs.