How do you cite a video game in Chicago style?

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How do you cite a video game in Chicago style?

How do you cite a video game in Chicago style?

How to cite a video game in Chicago

  1. Author(s) of the video game: Give the author or the company that created it.
  2. Title of the video game: Give the title as presented in the source.
  3. Version number: Start with ‘V.
  4. Publisher: Give the publisher name in full.
  5. Platform: Describe where the video game can be played.

How do you in-text cite a video game?

Title of Game [Video game]. (Year Released). Location: Publisher. Use the version number for in-text citations.

How do you cite a professor’s lecture in APA in text?

Reference list. Professor’s last name, Initial of first name. year, month and day of lecture. Lecture title in italics [Lecture recording].

How do you cite an online video in Chicago style?

To cite an online video, locate as much of the following information as possible: name of the creator, title of the video, date it was posted. Also include a URL. Include a short description of the type of video after the date. You can optionally include the duration of the video.

How do you cite a YouTube channel APA?

Citation Example

  1. General Format. YouTube username. ( date). Title [YouTube Channel]. YouTube. Retrieved date, from URL.
  2. For Example. shapirolibrary. ( n.d.). Home [YouTube Channel]. YouTube.
  3. Corresponding In-Text Citation. shapirolibrary (n.d.) OR. (shapirolibrary, n.d.)

How do you cite a YouTube video?

The general format for citing online videos in MLA style is as follows: “Title of video.” YouTube, uploaded by Screen Name, day month year, If the author of the video is not the same as the person who uploaded the video, your citation would be formatted as follows: Author last name, First Name.

How do you in text cite a lecture slide in APA?

Author Surname, First Initial. Second Initial. (Year). Lecture title [Format].

How do you cite a lecture Purdue owl in APA?

The citation on the Reference page for the lecture notes would look like the following in APA: Author. (year). In italics write the name or title of the lecture.

How do I cite a video game?

Here is the basic format for a reference list entry of a video game in MLA style 8th edition: Rights-holder of the game. Title of the video game. Version Version description, Publisher, Year of publication.

How do I cite a website in APA Purdue?

Give the name of the organization or individual followed by the date and the title. If there is no title, in brackets, you should provide a brief explanation of what type of data is there and in what form it appears. Include the URL and the retrieval date if there is no publication date.

What is a screen name in a YouTube video?

This screen name is integral to finding the video on YouTube, so including it in the reference is important. Sometimes, however, the real name of the individual who posted the video is also known.

How do I cite an online lecture in Chicago?

Citing online lecture notes or presentation slides Last name, First name. “Presentation/Lecture Title.” Presentation/Lecture at Conference Name, City, State of conference, Month Dates, Year of conference. Accessed Month Date, Year. URL.

How do you cite a simulation?

Authorship and date of simulation/games are not given in the text — only the title of the simulation. The citation should then be referenced under the name of the simulation/game within the reference list (see below). All simulation/games cited in the text must be referenced in the reference list (see below).

How do I cite a zoom meeting in APA?

To be made up of:

  1. Author.
  2. Year of meeting.
  3. Item being referenced (in single quotation marks).
  4. Title (in italics).
  5. Date of meeting (in italics).
  6. Organisation.
  7. Location of meeting.

How do you cite a YouTube video Chicago style?

YouTube citation in Chicago style

  1. Start with the video’s name. In Chicago style citations, the video’s name comes first.
  2. Credit it to YouTube. Next, label the video as content derived from YouTube.
  3. Label video length.
  4. Credit the publisher or channel.
  5. Write the publish date.
  6. Include the video link.

How do you reference a program?

Reference examples Year. Title of software (Version number). [Software]. [Date accessed].

How do you cite software in APA format?

Author, A. A. (Year). Name of the software or app (Version number) [Computer software or Mobile app]. Publisher.

How do you cite a video in APA in-text?

Screen name. (year, month day). Title of video [Video file]. Retrieved from http://xxxxxxxxx The in-text citations include the author name outside of brackets (whichever that may be) and the date.

How do I cite a website in APA?

APA website citations usually include the author, the publication date, the title of the page or article, the website name, and the URL. If there is no author, start the citation with the title of the article. If the page is likely to change over time, add a retrieval date.

Can you cite a YouTube video?

To cite a YouTube video in APA Style, you include the person or organization that uploaded it, their channel name (if different from their real name), the upload date, the video title (italicized), “Video” in square brackets, the name of the site, and a link to the video.

How do you cite a movie in Chicago style?

Structure: Movie Title. Directed by First name Last name. City of publication: Studio, Year of release.

How do you cite a talk in APA?

To reference or cite a presentation or poster that was done at a meeting, follow this pattern: Presenter, F.M. (year, month). Title of paper or poster.

How do you in text cite a lecture Chicago?

When you’re citing a lecture you attended as part of your studies, include the lecturer’s name and the title of the lecture in quotation marks. After a descriptive label such as “Class lecture”, add the name of the course, your university, and the date of the lecture.