What GPA do you need to get into Carroll University?

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What GPA do you need to get into Carroll University?

What GPA do you need to get into Carroll University?


What GPA do you need for UW La Crosse?


Who is in the OAC conference?

Member Institutions

Baldwin Wallace University University of Mount Union
Capital University Muskingum University
Heidelberg University Ohio Northern University
John Carroll University Otterbein University
Marietta College Wilmington College

What division is John Carroll?

Division III

What are my chances of getting into UW Milwaukee?


Where is John Carroll?

John Carroll University is a private Jesuit university in University Heights, Ohio….John Carroll University.

Latin: Universitas Joannis Carroll
Students 3,673
Undergraduates 3,137
Postgraduates 536
Location University Heights , Ohio , United States

Is UW La Crosse hard to get into?

Acceptance Rate How hard is it to get into UW-La Crosse and can I get accepted? The school has a 73% acceptance rate ranking it #18 in Wisconsin for lowest rate of acceptance.

What is the average ACT score for UW Milwaukee?

19-24 (2019–20)

What is the acceptance rate for John Carroll University?

86.3% (2020)

What is the acceptance rate for UW La Crosse?

73% (2020)

Did John Carroll sign the Declaration of Independence?

Signatory of the Declaration of Independence Carroll was elected to the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, and remained a delegate until 1778. He arrived too late to vote in favor of the Declaration of Independence, but was present to sign the official document that survives today.

What ACT score do you need to get into UW Whitewater?


Who founded John Carroll University?

Saint Ignatius

Does UW Lacrosse require ACT?

A: We do not have a preference. Applicants can submit the ACT, the SAT, or both, and we’ll consider your best score. See the Superscore section for additional information. We recommend that all students take either the ACT or SAT exam.

What does OAC stand for?

On Approved Credit