Typical mistakes made by students when performing a written assignment

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Typical mistakes made by students when performing a written assignment

If you hear from someone that he never makes mistakes, do not believe this person. Unfortunately, we all make mistakes one way or another, sometimes due to lack of sufficient knowledge, sometimes because of a misunderstanding of the wording of the question, and sometimes simply because of inattention. However, this is not a reason to be upset and believe that you are not able to independently perform a written assignment and refer to cheap assignment writing service . Try to understand the common mistakes of students when completing written assignments to avoid the possibility of making it.

Causes of mistakes in written assignments

In fact, there are many reasons. However, among them are the most common:

  1. Inattentive reading of the text of the written assignment. This reason is the most important when making mistakes when performing a written assignment. The student is in a hurry to have time to do everything in the allotted time, or too worried and can not concentrate.
  2. Lack of knowledge on the subject of the written assignment. Unfortunately, this is also possible. To avoid the fact that you have received a written assignment and do not know how to perform it, always be careful at seminars and classroom sessions, as well as responsibly approach to the implementation of independent work, so as not to miss important information.
  3. Incorrect understanding of the lexical meaning of words, which as a result leads to a distorted understanding of the text of the written assignment.

Classification of mistakes in the performance of the written assignment

Mistakes made by students when performing various types of written assignment can be classified as follows:

  1. These are mistakes made by the student not because of the lack of knowledge of any educational materials, but because of distractions or forgetfulness. Such mistakes can be found when performing any type of written assignment. Random mistakes are inevitable.
  2. Students make these mistakes because they have a gap in knowledge. These mistakes differ from random mistakes through systematic and regular repetition. It is possible to eliminate its repeated commission by the repetition of educational material.
  3. Such mistakes are made by students due to lack of knowledge of the basic material. If the number of gross mistakes is large, the student just needs to repeat the entire course.

Typical mistakes in writing assignments

When analyzing the quality of students’ written assignments, the following typical mistakes were identified:

  • superficial, fuzzy presentation of the main theoretical issues of the chosen topic, when the performer of the assignment does not separate the main problems from the secondary one;
  • inconsistency of the content of the work stated in the written assignment topic;
  • writing off the text from printed sources or Internet sources, not carrying out work on the independent presentation of the material or analysis;
  • surface disclosure of issues;
  • use of outdated sources of information;
  • the incompleteness of work due to lack of conclusions;
  • the absence of a work plan;
  • lack of structure in the execution of the written assignment;
  • absence of the list of used sources, or discrepancy of the list of sources and references to it, or absence of references at all;
  • writing work is too large or too small volume;
  • the substitution of a statement of the theoretical issues data biographical references;
  • if the written task involves the implementation of the theoretical and practical part, students often make the mistake of inconsistency between these parts;
  • instead of conducting a detailed study specified in the written assignment, designed for a long time, students perform work in a short time, as a result of which the quality of work suffers;
  • violation of style specificity. When performing a written assignment, it is preferable to use indefinite personal designs, to saturate the text with terms. Students often use common phrases, this is a mistake.


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