The way to write a good argumentative essay. Main rules

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The way to write a good argumentative essay. Main rules

Before you write an argumentative essay, read some of the rules for writing it. These rules and recommendations will ensure that you successfully write a well-founded essay.


Study the structure of the argumentative essay and stick to it.

Typically, an argumentative essay has the following structure:

  1. Introduction (problem statement);
  2. The main part (consists of several theses accompanied by arguments);
  3. Conclusion (solution to the problem that was posted in the introduction).

The introduction should contain an introductory and a thesis. The introductory statement is whatever makes the reader read further. The thesis is the last sentence of the introductory part, which acts as the governing force of the essay.

The main part is the presentation of the argument and the provision of evidence (application and support). The conventions of academic rhetoric require that the author recognize the opposite view at a certain stage: The argument will have more confidence if the author recognizes the opposite side. The student must offer solutions to problems that put the opposite opinion before his argument, indicate the weak points on which the opposite opinion is based, make concessions to him and propose a compromise position or solution. The conclusion should include the synthesis of the argument, the re-formulation of the thesis and the final statement.

Plan and draft

Consider in what sequence you will present theses and arguments. Write a draft where you show all the content of your argumentative essay. This will allow you to not miss anything while writing an essay. If you have no time to make the draft and to write an essay, you can get some argumentative essay help (PP/argumentative-essay-writing) through any of writing service.

Do not miss the aim

Making a plan for your essay and at the time of writing, do not forget the main purpose of writing a reasoned essay. Aims of the argumentative essay:

  1. Convince the audience to a particular point of view and persuade it to the author’s side. In this case, special attention is paid to the counter-argument of the opposite position.
  2. Form a system of arguments justifying the preference of the position chosen by the author.

Stylistic design

Decide on the style in which you will write your work. It should be at least semi-formal style of narration. You should avoid abbreviations and slang words, do not misuse everyday vocabulary.

Brevity and conciseness

An essay is a writing that is limited in volume. Try to avoid a lot of complex sentences. Of course, they must be present in your argumentative essay, but they must alternate with simple sentences in order to facilitate the perception of the text.


The main condition in writing an argumentative essay is a competent selection of arguments. Your thesis should not be unfounded. Choose the most appropriate arguments in the form of historical facts, works of famous scientists, writers, psychologists, and so on. Your work should prove your point of view, thereby realizing your main goal.

Use link words

As you write in a semi-formal or formal style, it is very important to use introductory words that make the text logically related. Highlight the contrast with the help of link-words (on the one hand / on the other hand), connect the argument consistently (firstly, secondly, thirdly), express your assumptions (I think, I guess) and so on.

Pay attention to how you make statements

An argumentative essay is an expression of your point of view on a specific issue, as well as a confirmation of your position by arguments. Do not forget about delicacy, while writing an essay. Avoid those that are not customary to discuss in society: religion, politics, etc. State your thoughts politely, avoiding ambiguity.


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